Keith Helton, MD
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Helton serves as the Chief Executive Officer of MDP Management and contributes to its growing success by providing hospitals with local-market solutions for hospitalist services, providing physicians who are vested in the hospital and community, and are focused on improving outcomes, satisfaction and compliance.

Dr. Helton is one of few healthcare CEOs who has direct, personal, responsibility for treating and managing the health of patients every day. For more than 20 years, he has been a practicing specialist in internal medicine and pediatrics with Galen Medical Group, a highly respected multispecialty medical group with 17 locations in East Tennessee. As a Managing Partner at Galen, Dr. Helton recognized the value of using patient population data and clinical performance data to measure and improve patient experiences, prevent disease and reduce the overall cost of care.

Dr. Helton also served as Executive Vice President of Physician Services at Erlanger Health System, a leading academic medical center, and the 7th largest public health system in the nation. In this role, Dr. Helton was responsible for all aspects of physician employment, contracting, office management, networking and performance evaluation—a unique mix of skills and experiences that contribute to the growing success of MDP Management. Dr. Helton also serves as CEO for One to One Health; One to One Health partners with employers to provide the highest quality, on-site clinics to improve their employees overall health, at the lowest cost. One to One has established clinics in Hamilton County, Catoosa County, Sumner County, Baylor School, EPB, and Purdue University.

Dr. Helton currently serves on the board of directors of the UT Research Foundation and is a graduate of East Tennessee State University School of Medicine and the Pediatric/Internal Medicine residency program of the University of Tennessee Center for Health Sciences in Memphis.

Dr. Helton enlisted in the United States Army Reserves, and after completing medical school, he served as a physician in the Army Reserve’s Medical Service branch as a Captain. He then continued his service to our nation in the National Guard. 


Our mission is to deliver medical practice management that empowers physicians to provide the highest quality care, exceed goals and drive change in the hospital system, resulting in an exceptional experience for patients.