MDP Case Study:
Chattanooga, Tennessee

In March 2015, MDP took over management of a hospitalist program operating in three hospitals (main campus and two satellite locations). In its first year, the program increased both revenues and patient volume while improving patient satisfaction scores for the Chattanooga-based hospital group.


Pre and Post MDP Results

    Q18 — Overall quality of physician's care
    Q20 — Physician's communication
    Q21 — Involving patient in decision making
    Q22 — Provision of instructions and explanations
    Q23 — Overall teamwork between physicians and nurses

FY 2014 patient encounters: 50,388
FY 2015 patient encounters: 61,006
% volume increase: 21%

YTD 2015 revenue: $3,844,287
YTD 2016 revenue: $8,173,980
% YTD revenue increase: 113%


Patient Satisfaction FY 15 vs. FY 16

Patient Satisfaction with Patient Advocate Liaison (PAL) Initiative


Our mission is to deliver medical practice management that empowers physicians to provide the highest quality care, exceed goals and drive change in the hospital system, resulting in an exceptional experience for patients.